September, October, and November   2019        Deiter, Tor, and Andre Kramer

These little (and not so little) cats are a perfect trio.  They are in a house with 2 cat lovers to care for them, and as you can see from the picture above, in like company as far as coat color!  Tor was a rescue from us that the Kramer's adopted and lovingly gave him a forever home.  He joined their others and they are one big happy family!!

August 2019   Scarlett Delrossi

Scarlett is a sweet little calico who was taken in off the street.  She is a pure delight on top of being an absolutely gorgeous little lady!

July 2019   Artemis Reesman

Artie was a sweet girl who, after a wonderful like of almost 14 years, had to cross the Rainbow Bridge this month.  She was always so full of life, watched over the kids like they were her own, always longing for a run on the head from Eric or a run in the backyard.  She loved to go on walks, sniffing anything she could!  She will be so deeply missed, always being longingly referred to as "puppy".

June 2019    Jackie Chan Preston  

Jackie is one of the sweetest little Chihuahuas we see.  We have the pleasure of seeing him regularly for bathing, and he is always such a stellar little guy!  The staff love him, in part due to his great disposition, not matter what we have to do.

April and May 2019     Thor and Loki Reesman

Loki and Thor are Dr. Reesman's beloved cats.  Loki came as a Christmas present years ago and has been a constant companion to her oldest son ever since.  Thor was a stray that was brought into the clinic by a good Samaritan, wrapped in a towel.  Despite having 2 broken legs and dealing with being confined for months to allow them to heal, he is one of the sweetest!  He is her daughter's "best buddy" who is always there for snuggles and love.

March 2019      Bella White

Bella was a street rescue who found a family that could not love her more!  She has been such a blessing, being a rock in the family when another dog suddenly passed, and now being best friends to their little girl.  She would stand guard when their daughter was little to alert the owner of any cries coming from the crib.  She has been so patient as the little one has grown into a toddler and little lady, staying by her while she plays and keeping a watchful eye always.  

February 2019    Abby White

Abby is a ball loving, hyper, sweet lab owned by a wonderful client.  She has had her challenges with IBD and Gi issues, but the owners dedication and understanding have made all the difference in the world for this dog.  She would not be the energetic girl who loves to swim and play fetch without the White's love and devotion to her, and the daily struggles that can come with GI disease.

January 2019    Cooper Yarson

Cooper was rescued sheltie mix, who was suppose to be typical sheltie size.  At 61lbs, he has grown well past his mom's expectations, and his personality matches his size.  He is loving, sweet, and always wagging his tail.  He has been such a welcome joy to his family.

December 2018     Reesey Yarson

Reesey is such a special little dog with so much personality.  She is very subtle though, giving you looks with her big eyes to tell you how she feels.  She will sit like a baby in her mom's arms while giving me the look to say she knows she is beautiful (which she is!).  

September, October, and November 2018     Blue Williams

Blue is a special one.  He and his brother were found in a dumpster years ago and taken into a loving home by Ms. Williams.  Blue has numerous aliments that require long term care, but his recent encounter with Copperheads have taken his care to a whole new level.  It has been over 4 months, multiple surgeries, different e-collars, more elasticon, gauze, and telfa pads then I have used in a long time, and endless patience.  Ms. Williams had dedicated a very large amount of both time and money to help him get better.  I am in awe of her dedication.

August 2018    Brewer Montgomery

Brewer is the newest member of the Montgomery family.  He is a laid back pup who has been a pleasure to work with thus far.  He loves to have his belly rubbed (which we are happy to do!).  His big brother, who came from the same breeder, has been such a joy that a 17 hour drive to pick up Brewer from the same breeder did not deter the Montgomery's.  Based on what we have seen so far, this guy was well worth the drive!

July 2018   Dashiell Whitlock

Dash has become a personal favorite of many members of the kennel staff after his first time boarding this summer.  He is sweet, outgoing, and loves to give and receive attention.  

June 2018   Chevy Nova James
Chevy Nova is a new addition.  She came in a with a delightful, beautiful family who clearly love their new girl.  She is a sweet dog with a great disposition.  No doubt this girl is a lucky one to become a member of the James family!

May 2017   Lexi Hardee
​So I know this is a repeat, but after losing Lexi this month after battling cancer, I felt compelled to give her another month slot.  Lexi has been a long standing patient and is one of the sweetest dogs this clinic has ever met.  She was always happy when she came in, even when her she was in pain.  Hearing stories from her owners about life at home and her gentleness with the grandkids always made me smile.  She is a dog that has touched so many of us here and will never be forgotten!

April 2018     Goldie Chesterman

Goldie is a rescue who has been 2007 when she was found wandering outside.  She was taken in and given a loving home ever since.  She most recently underwent surgery, which she recovered from and is doing great.  When the owner came to get her, the love they have for each other was clearly evident in the exam room!  What a lucky girl to wander into the Chesterman's yard year ago!​

March 2018   Murphy Holt
​​Murphy is a little dog with a big heart.  He has dealt with a host of conditions affecting his eyes and limbs.  His owners are extremely dedicated to him, taking him to specialist and caring for his special needs.  Even with his recent cancer diagnosis and surgery, Murphy bounds into the office like he doesn't have a care in the world.  He is a truly a special dog with incredible owners.​

January/February 2018     Fred BAH
Fred was a stray and fostered by one of our clients.  He came to live at the clinic, filling our broken hearts with love and joy after losing our beloved Izzy.  He is curious, playful, loved to investigate any cat (and some dogs) who come to see us.  He can be found lounging in the sun, running through the halls playfully chasing a toy, welcoming our clients, or searching for trouble!  We are so thankful for him.

​December 2017     Watson Cushing​

Watson was adopted over 3 years ago as a senior pet through a rescue.  He has been though a host of health concerns, including heartworm disease and cataracts.  Despite these, he is a sweet little old man who allows his daily eye drops and sticks to his routine, especially meal time!  He will have the joy of living out his life in a home full of love with owners who care for him endlessly.

October/November 2017   Buster Campbell
Buster is a very well loved cat who has always been on the heavy side...until recently.  Ms. Campbell has worked diligently over the past year to help him lose over 6.5lbs.  That's over 25% of his body weight!  She has done a fabulous job, helping him to reach an ideal body shape, which will help him live a much longer, happier life!  Way to go!!

​​August and September 2017     Pickles Gunadeva
Pickles was a stray that lived outside.  He slowly warmed up the Gunadevas, allowing them to pet him and eventually handle him.  Shortly after coming to their house, he became very ill with kidney disease.  He could not have picked a better house, though, as he is being treated for his kidney disease and loved beyond measure.

June and July 2017   Archie and Katie Phillips
Archie and Katie are both recent rescues by Ms. Phillips, a long time client of ours.  Archie is a spunky little guy with half an ear on one side, which only lends to his cuteness!  Katie was rescued from a puppy mill and despite heartworm disease, heart disease, and a very timid personality, has found a wonderful home with Ms. Phillips.  It is so hearwarming to see the tenderness for which she cares for these animals.

May 2017   Darlin Walton
Lil Darlin Walton was adopted as a senior pet to a senior owner.  These 2 ladies are the cutest pair and love each other dearly.  Ms. Walton has given Darlin a wonderful home full of love and lap time.

April 2017    Molly Hood
Molly has been with Mr. Hood now for years.  She is shy but always sweet.  She is a regular boarder, and never one to give us any trouble.  She is such a wonderful companion to Mr. Hood.  You can see their bond when he picks comes to get her...and she runs to him like it has been an eternity! 

March 2017    Andre Anzini
Andre Anzini is a handsome Dalmation mix. After losing their beloved Golden Retriever, Pharoah, the Anzini home was quiet and a little empty. 
When the Anzini's decided to adopt another pet, they opened their hearts to 9 year old Andre.  Although he is the "new kid on the block", Andre is fitting right in to the Anzini household...going for walks, and supervising his owner in her home office! Welcome home to your new family, Andre!

February 2017   Lexi Hardee
Lexi has been a long standing patient and boarder with us.  Despite being an older dog, she is full of energy every time we see her.  She is always sweet and one of the favorites by the kennel staff.  She was posing for pictures outside the last time she was here!

January 2017   Jack Horton
Jack was a rescue by Ms. Horton a few years ago.  He was recently diagnosed with Addison's disease, which is when the body does not produce enough steroids to maintain normal organ function.  Thankfully, Ms. Horton has pursued treatment, bringing him in monthly for injections and medicating him at home.  He is now doing very well, even hiking with Ms. Horton on the weekends.

December 2016     Sugar Baby Flanders
Sugar Baby is a sweet kitty who is owned by an even sweeter lady.  She was rescued from a shelter after "picking" Ms. Flanders as her forever owner.  Sugar Baby escaped one day from her house and was found injured.  Ms. Flanders did all she could to help her little friend, who despite a wired, broken jaw, is doing wonderfully.  She and Ms. Flanders share a special bond that is evident when watching them interact. 

November 2016     Giselle Umanzor
Giselle is a young lady who we first met for surgery.  She underwent foreign body surgery and has successfully recovered.  The staff fell in love with her while she was here.  She is sweet and gentle, and seeing her with her owner, the human-animal bond is clearly visible. 

October 2016     Izzy Yeomans
Izzy was found at the lake years ago by Dr. Yeomans and his family.  She was brought to the clinic, which became her home.  She lived her life spending her time outside playing, meeting other cats, investigating cars in our parking lot, and greeting clients and pets that came in our door.  She roamed inside, moving from room to room to see what we were doing and to find a lap to lay in.  She was such a treasured member of our animal hospital, so even though she crossed the rainbow bridge this month, she will always have a special place in our hearts.

​​September 2016     Pikolo Hering     
Pikolo is a new client to us who we met on an emergency basis after ingesting xylitol.  Luckily, his owners rushed him to the clinic, then took him to St. Francis Veterinary Hospital for continued care.  He is now back to his usual self, and we were so pleased to have him visit again once he was well.  We are looking forward to seeing him in the future.

August 2016   Mia Manahan    
Mia has been through so much in her lifetime--a long battle with demodectic mange as a puppy, vaccine reactions, multiple mast cell tumors, heart disease, and cancer, which she is currently battling.  Through it all, Mia has been such a trooper though.  Her owner should also get a special place as well.  Everything Ms. Manahan does is for Mia.  She has spent time, finances, and unending love to help Mia in any way she can.  They truly have a special bond that is evident every time you see them.

July 2016   Elaine Armendroff     
Elaine came to us months ago for management of chronic kidney disease.  She is one spunky kitty.  She tolerated her fluids well, receiving them twice a week right now.  She has a dedicated owner who loves her dearly, which always warms my heart.  Despite her advanced age, she is one of the fasted kitties I have ever seen go after a toy.  She is such a delight and reminds me to be optimistic on a regular basis. 

​​June 2016    Harley Kearney      
Harley is a wonderful dog to begin with, but he earned this spot for his dramatic weight loss.  He was at a very heavy 106 lbs at his annual visit last year.  This year--76 lbs!  He is lean and looking great!  The weight loss will help improve his life!  Props to the owners who have been diligent with his diet and helped to a new, healthy weight.

May 2016    Honey Kitty Cook         
Honey is a sweet kitty who lived life outside for many years.  The Cook's were concerned for his safety outside, but were cautious to bring him inside as they had 2 very large dogs at the time.  None the less, Honey was welcomed and settled in nicely.  He is a sweet, loving kitty who has won over the hearts of his owners, especially Mr. Cook

February, March, and April 2016     Chance, Cedar, and Stache Tuggle           
Chance, Cedar, and Stache are from a litter of kittens born outside the Tuggle's house.  Fearing for their safety and well being outside, the Tuggle's brought them in and are teaching them how great life inside can be.  The kittens are adjusting well and finding their place with the other cats.  The Tuggle's have worked hard to socialize them with people, having extreme patience as 2 of the kittens were very fearful when first taken in.  They have made such strides so far, which I know will continue in such a loving household.

December and January 2015/2016    Link and Leyla Chappell         
Link and Leyla are some of our regular boarders as the owners job keeps him out of town frequently.  These 2 dogs are some of the best boarders we have.  They love to go out in our fenced backyard and explore, enjoying the nice days with extra time outside.       

October and November 2015    Bella and Baxter Hannah    
These two little sweetie pies were adopted recently by the Hannah family.  After the loss of their beloved Tiny years ago, they opened their hearts again.  These two pups have the sweetest dispositions.  I can't wait to watch them grow up together, and I love watching the happiness in Ms. Hannah's eyes again!

September 2015     Abby McLaughlin    
Abby was found in early August abandoned at the front of a neighborhood having recently given birth and with an injured leg.  The McLaughlins took her in, have cared and loved for her, and now are treating her for heartworms.  She is such a sweet dog and lucky to have such a wonderful family caring for her. 

August 2015     Cole Lucyshyn
Welcome to the family Cole!  The Lucyshyn family welcomed a new puppy into their lives recently.  Here he is after graduation from puppy class!

July 2015    PJ Franke
PJ is a wonderful schnauzer.  Like many of here breed, she has dealt with bladder stones and pancreatitis in the past, but always is as sweet as pie when she is here.  She has such a wonderful family that diligently manages her health concerns.   We all love her dearly at Brookwood!

June 2015       Rinny Sutter
Rinny, named after a "come from behind to win it all" triathlete, has had a tough 7 weeks of life so far.  She was the only one of a litter of 4 that survived.  She has dealt with an infected a joint and recently had a wound sutured.  She is a tough, sweet little puppy.  I can't wait to see this one continue to grow up!

May 2015    Ike Ward
Welcome to the family little friend!  Ike is a rescue and already bringing lots of joy to the Ward family.  He is spunky (as a terrier should be!) and gets along great with the cats.  We are looking forward to lots of years with this guy!

April 2015    Harper Shattles Ward
Harper was one of the sweetest little Jack Russel Terriers I have ever met.  He would eat anything--and did...enter chocolate bunny and trip to the ER!  After a long life with Addison's disease, he is now running over the Rainbow Bridge.

March 2015    Beau Kalmar
Beau is unfortunatly no longer with us but he definatly deserves a spot on pet of the month!  Beau was adopted by one of our dear clients when he was about 5 years old.  He struggles with diabetes for a good portion of that time, losing sight in both eyes due to the disease.  He always had such a sweet disposition and took to his treatments well.  Ms. Kalmar took impeccable care of him until having to let him go.

January and February 2015    Calla Baxter
Calla is a miniature golden doodle who came to us after being adopted.  She was sick when she arrived and diagnosed with Parvo, an often deadly virus in puppies.  She also had multiple types of intestinal parasites, complicating things. The owners were not willing to give up on her and through their extreme diligence and care, Calla is now a bouncy girl with a sweet personality and crazy coat!

November and December 2014        Ripley and Watson Arenburg
Ripley and Watson are two of the sweetest little boys you will ever meet.  The Arenburgs are dedicated owners, taking impeccable care of them. Despite heart changes (typical for the breed), anal glad concerns, and other ailments, these little guys are troopers no matter what has to be done!

October 2014        Mitzi Herrington
Mitzi was rescued by the Herringtons at approximately 6 weeks old from a bad situation.  She was unable to open her mouth at the time.  Through referral and diligence by the Herrington's, Mitzi was able open her mouth and live a normal life.  She  definitely a "daddy's girl" and very protective of Mr. Herrington who saved her life.

September 2014    Victoria Branch
Victoria is a lovely Siamese mix who was rescued as a stray.  She had been coming to the Branche's house for months and became a family pet.  Despite a suspicion for cancer last year and battling back from illness, she continues to be a spunky girl, living life to the fullest.

August 2014        Penelope Brown
Penelope was rescued years ago.  She is very strong willed and lets you know exactly what she needs.  She has been challenging at times, not wanting to eat or use her litter box, but she is very loved and has a wonderful family that loves her.  She is a very lucky cat an we love her dearly.

July 2014      Cody Weaver
Cody is a wonderful lab who has been through surgery and deals with a chronic disease, yet still hunts with Mr. Weaver and runs with him regularly.  He has one of the sweetest dispositions, constantly wagging his tail when he is here.

June 2014    Chance Brown
Chance is a recent rescue for the Brown family.  She was found by Gwinnett Co Animal Welfare and then moved to a rescue.  She was also part of the Animals for Prisoners program, which helps inmates through loving and training an animal.  Despite a rough early life and trauma that left her scarred on her rear leg, she is one of the most loving animals, giving lots of kisses and tail wags.  She has brought immense happiness to the Browns and is adored by the staff here at the hospital.  

May 2014    Chewy Edwards
Chewy is a labradoodle that has been our patient for over 9 years.  He is an exuberant dog with a huge personality that matches his very large frame!  Chewy's owners are wonderful, caring for his allergies and providing a wonderful life, complete with playing football in the yard.

April 2014    Tucker Henderson
Tucker is a lab rescued by the Hendersons.  Since adopting him, they have treated him for heartworms (which he developed prior to them rescuing him) and had emergency surgery performed when he ate a stuffed bunny.  Tucker is truly lucky to be in such a loving environment with such a wonderful family.

March 2014         Cody Walker
Cody is a lab mix owned by an exceptional family.  I never saw Cody when his tail wasn't wagging.  He was one of the happiest dogs I have ever met.  He enjoyed his walks in the park with Mr. Walker and would howl in approval if you asked him if he was heading there.  Cody recently lost his battle with mast cell cancer.  He will be deeply missed by all who knew and loved him.

January/February 2014        Odds Burns  
Odds was a stray that was taken in by the Burns family.  Despite struggling with stomatitis for years and being FIV positive, he beat the odds numerous times, bouncing back from a decline.  He has lived a long happy life with a family who has loved him very much, even spoon feeding him to encourage him to eat!

December 2013      Chloe Kober
Chloe is another weight loss success story.  The owners have worked very hard to help her lose over 3 pounds.  Although that doesn't sound like a lot, on a small dog like Chloe, it has made a huge difference.
November 2013  Buddy Chu
Buddy is a wonderful kitty who has been a long time client.  His owners have taken some of the most delightful pictures of him over the years.  He is one of the sweetest felines you will ever meet!  Here he is dressed up Halloween.

September and October 2013    Socks Moon
Socks is a 15 year old kitty who has been diabetic for years.  His owner has a profound dedication to both him and his brother Sam (also a diabetic).  Socks was recently in for a bath and loved the blow dryer (not typical for a cat!!)

August 2013    Olive Shuck
Olive was a stray brought to the clinic by a good Samaritan when she was approximately 2 weeks old.  The staff took turns fostering her, feeding her through a syringe and bottle, and helping her to go to the bathroom.  She thrived and has been adopted by some wonderful clients of ours.   

June and July 2013     Joey Johanson
Joey was adopted 2 years ago by a wonderful family.  Joey had been left out to die after sustaining severe wounds from barbed wire.  The Johansons found him, cared for him, treated him for heartworm disease, and have provided a loving home for him.  Despite his rough life prior to the Johanson's adopting him and his current battle with cancer, he continues to be a loving, tail wagging, happy dog.

May 2013    SK Jannis
SK was a rescued feral cat found by clients of ours.  He had lungworms, mobile teeth with severe gingivitis, a ruptured eardrum and severe otitis, and ticks.  After deworming, neutering, flushing of the ear, treatment for infection, and extractions orally, he went home to live with the Jannis family.  This remarkable pet had a very rough life as a stray cat but was fortunate enough to find a loving family to care for him.

April 2013         Lucy Harris
Lucy presented to us last December after having a seizure type episode.  She was hospitalized and treated for symptoms at the time.  We were unsure of her prognosis and if she would survive.  Lucy not only made it through this illness but celebrated her 19th birthday yesterday!  Happy birthday Lucy!!
March 2013        Sam Walker    
Sam has lost 8 pounds in the last 7 months (28.5% of his body weight) on a diet of R/D and an alloted number of treats per day.  Way to go Sam!!
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