Brookwood Animal Hospital​​​​​​


Dog boarding

  • Dogs are boarded in 3ft x 6ft runs.  Small dogs are boarded in large cages when runs are full.  We also have 6ft x 6ft runs for very large dogs or pets boarding together.
  • We take a personal approach to boarding.  Dogs are walked at least twice daily in our fenced back yard.  Stool, appetite, and cleanliness are monitored and recorded daily.  Doctors check these records daily.
  • We feed Hills Science Diet adult food.  Please bring your pets' food if they are on a special diet, have any dietary restrictions, or if you prefer their diet stay constant.

Cat boarding

  • Cats are boarded in large cages in a separate area from the dogs.
  • They are housed with food, water, a litter box, and blankets/towels.  We provide Hills Science Diet dry and canned food for pets.   You are welcome to bring the food your pet is used to for us to feed during their stay.
  • Feel free to bring any toys or things from home to stay with your pet.